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Queenstar Akrong

CEO & Founder

What's Your Why?: I created Adisa because I don’t want any student to go through what I went through in school. I want students to not only survive when they get to school, but have the option to thrive. College is such a critical time and I think it is important for every student to have as little financial stress as possible and to fully enjoy the college experience. 

Career Highlights:  I've worked in college and career access for over a decade and my dedication to entrepreneurship has been featured on CNN. I was recently awarded a Penn-Wharton Innovation Fund grant from the University of Pennsylvania and the Outstanding Recent Graduate Award from my undergraduate alma mater. 

Education: I earned my B.A in International Affairs and Political Science from Notre Dame of Maryland University and a Masters in Education Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania


Lindsey Barclay

Strategic Initiatives Advisor 

What's Your Why?: I joined the Adisa team because after over 15 years in college advising, I realized that families continue to feel overwhelmed with the financial obligations that a college education requires. Families have a right to be empowered and supported through this critical time. 

Career Highlights:  Currently, I serve as the Director of Virtual Advising & Infrastructure at College Tracks, where I provide strategic and data-driven direction to a team of college access professionals serving high school juniors and seniors. Prior to this role, I served as the Member Services Manager at the National College Access Network.  I also have experience in residence life and student affairs at several universities.

Education: I earned my master's degree in applied sociology and bachelor's degree in cultural anthropology and sociology, both from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. 


Gina Quartey

Adult Learning Advisor

What's Your Why?: Most college  support organizations focus only on traditional students without factoring adult learners. My role is to help Adisa support adult learners and also provide holistic parent advising. 

Career Highlights:  I've been an Educator for over twenty years. I've provided counseling services to many families on early childhood development and college support. I have founded over five student and family non-profit organizations .

Education: I received my Associate's from Frederick Community College and a Bachelor's in Psychology from Hood College. I am currently pursuing a Master's in Educational Leadership at Notre Dame of Maryland University. 


Allswell Akrong

Strategic Planning Advisor

What's Your Why?: I joined the Adisa team because I believe early financial awareness is a missing link in most college application resources.

Career Highlights:  I've worked in private equity and risk analysis for major financial services companies. 

Education: I received my B.S in Economics & Statistics  from the University of Maryland, College Park. 

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