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Student Support Services & Presentations

Women Colleagues

At Adisa Advising, we love sharing our expertise with schools and organizations. 


We work with schools and organizations in two ways:


  1. Through 1:1 College Success Support for Students and Staff

  2. College Financial Planning Presentations and Curriculum Development 


One-on-One Support


We provide schools and organizations with personalized student consulting services.  Our team works directly with college counseling staff at schools to provide additional support to students.  Counselors and college success staff can focus on the application process, and we'll focus on the financial advising component of the college planning journey. 

Presentations & Curriculum Development


Our presentations and curriculums provide expert knowledge and resources to students and families. Our curriculum and speaking engagements provide high-level overviews on smart financial planning strategies and tools.

If you’re interested in working with us, please get in touch below.


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