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Supporting Students and Families Through the College Planning Journey.

​Adisa Advising is a mission-driven organization dedicated to preparing future change-makers through the college application and affordability process.


We support students and families through our core initiative: The No Debt Degree Program. The No Debt Degree program is our online advising platform that connects high school, college, and graduate students to personalized college application support and over $1 billion in scholarships and grants.


Adisa Advising also supports schools and organizations in two ways:


  • Through 1:1 College Success Support for Students and Staff

  • College Financial Planning Presentations and Professional Development

Our Services

For Schools & Organizations

At Adisa Advising, we love sharing our expertise with others.  We work with organizations by:


a) providing one-on-one College Success Support for Students and Staff


b) College Financial Planning Presentations and Curriculum Development 


“I received over $62,000 in additional aid because of Adisa Advising. Working with Advisors during my senior year, I felt supported throughout the whole journey. I couldn't have done it without them”

Sydney B.

University of Virginia

Class of 2024

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