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Supporting Students and Families Through the College Planning Journey.

​Adisa Advising is a mission-driven organization dedicated to preparing future change-makers through the college application and affordability process.


We support students and families through our core initiative, The No Debt Degree Program. This online advising platform connects high school, college, and graduate students to personalized college application support and over $1 billion in scholarships and grants.


Adisa Advising also supports schools and organizations in two ways:


  • Through 1:1 College Success Support for Students and Staff

  • College Financial Planning Presentations and Professional Development

Our Services

For Schools & Organizations

At Adisa Advising, we love sharing our expertise with others.  We work with organizations by:


a) providing one-on-one College Success Support for Students and Staff


b) College Financial Planning Presentations and Curriculum Development 


“I received over $62,000 in additional aid because of Adisa Advising. Working with Advisors during my senior year, I felt supported throughout the whole journey. I couldn't have done it without them”

Sydney B.

University of Virginia

Class of 2024

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